The GizThis Augmented Reality (AR) app uses unparalleled image recognition to extract digital information from your GizThis eligible prints to inform, engage and entertain your audience through futuristic print marketing.

Examples of embedded content your audience can access include:

  • Updated event information (schedules, lineups, date countdowns, ticket availability, price drops, etc.)
  • Videos, interactive tours, games or polls
  • Social media integration of all major networks
  • Listing updates or redirects to an online store
  • Coupons, discounts or promos
  • And anything else you can think of!

Any section of your print can be scanned by any user with the GizThis app to instantly display your custom content. Seamless GizThis image recognition recognizes all parts of your layout. Gone are the days of trying to scan unsightly QR codes!

How Do I Get My Hands on GizThis Prints?

All you need to do is sign up for our editor tool, register your print layout and prepare your landing page. Many online printing services are offering our service as an add on, so ask your printer if they already got connected to our API.
The GizThis Basic plan is free of charge! Sign up here (no credit card information needed).

Once you’ve signed up, you’re all set to create your GizThis prints!

Build in GizThis Studio

After creating a print design that will work with your interactive marketing campaign, simply enter the online GizThis Editor (a handy in-browser tool) to upload your layout. Easily construct and link landing pages in GizThis Editor using the convenient drag & drop function. Make sure you include the GizThis icon on your print layout, to ensure your audience knows about the additional features they may expect and boom, you’re ready to circulate your fully interactive printed marketing materials!

Live Mobile Marketing

Once your prints are distributed, you can access GizThis Studio anytime to change the content that's linked to your layout, which then updates in realtime on your audience's devices. This way your design will never go ‘out of date' and doesn't need to be reprinted.

Easy Digital Sharing

GizThis' 1-click sharing capabilities means your audience can easily spread your linked content via their social media networks or directly to friends and family. Your design isn't only seen by those who physically pass by anymore! Finally, print marketing can truly go viral.

GizThis Audience Analytics

Another great feature you'll get from GizThis is data. Inbuilt GizThis Analytics shows you where and when your designs are working best, so you can precisely hone and perfect your marketing campaign to your audience.

Grow your sales, spread your reach and delight your customers with the newest marketing trend: Augmented Reality marketing! The future is here, and print will never be the same.

Your audience wants to interact with print!
Sign up and try GizThis for free now