The App

The GizThis scanner function works as simply as a scanning app or QR scanner, but does so much more. The AR browser app transforms your smartphone into a mobile scanner to instantly display interactive media such as videos, games, offers or updated event information. Embedded digital information is stored in the secure GizThis cloud and is therefore always up to date. Be in the loop of events unfolding in real time!

Can I GizThis?

Spotted the GizThis badge on a poster, card, flyer or billboard? Open the GizThis AR browser app and point your smartphone anywhere at the print like a mobile scanner to activate the AR technology. Unlike a QR code, GizThis uses seamless image recognition to reveal up-to-date information from the image, not static info from a printed code. Remember, different physical areas of the print in front of you may hide unique gems of enhanced media - it’s up to you to discover what AR knowledge lies in the ink!

Share This

GizThis has a 1-click sharing capability so you can share the interactive media you’ve discovered from a GizThis AR campaign to friends, family and social media networks. Now they can be in the loop and be part of the AR experience too!

Store This

GizThis saves all your previously Giz’d prints on the app and in the secure GizThis cloud, so that when you open a previously Giz’d item you can be sure the information is perfectly up-to-date. So get Gizzing!